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Professor DiCaglio's work studies the intersection of rhetoric, science, and mysticism as intersecting modes of attempting to make sense of our modernized, globalized world. His first book, Scale Theory: A Nondisciplinary Inquiry, was released in November 2021 with the University of Minnesota Press.

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  • DiCaglio, J. (2021). Simulations of Moksha: Liberation, Mysticism, and Transhumanism in Philip K. Dicks Exegesis. Science Fiction Studies. 48(2), 279-305.
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  • DiCaglio, J. (2020). Scale Tricks and God Tricks, or The Power of Scale in Powers of Ten. Configurations. 28(4), 459-490.
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  • DiCaglio, J., Barlow, K. M., & Johnson, J. S. (2018). Rhetorical Recommendations Built on Ecological Experience: A Reassessment of the Challenge of Environmental Communication. Environmental Communication. 12(4), 438-450.
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  • DiCaglio, J. (2017). Language and the Logic of Subjectivity: Whitehead and Burke in Crisis. Philosophy & Rhetoric. 50(1), 96-118.
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  • DiCaglio, J. (2015). Ironic Ecology. Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature and Environment. 22(3), 447-465.
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  • DiCaglio, J. (2021). Scale Theory. University of Minnesota Press.
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  • DiCaglio, J,DiCaglio, J. (2020). Rhetoric Out of Context. The Routledge Handbook of Comparative World Rhetorics. 67-74. Routledge.
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