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Academic Articles174
  • Hashemi, S. J., Ahmed, S., & Khan, F. I. (2014). Risk-based operational performance analysis using loss functions. Chemical Engineering Science. 116, 99-108.
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  • Abimbola, M., Khan, F., & Khakzad, N. (2014). Dynamic safety risk analysis of offshore drilling. Journal of Loss Prevention in the Process Industries. 30, 74-85.
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  • Hassan, J., Khan, F., Amyotte, P., & Ferdous, R. (2014). A model to assess dust explosion occurrence probability.. J Hazard Mater. 268, 140-149.
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  • Khan, F. I., Haddara, M. M., & Bhattacharya, S. K. (2006). Risk-based integrity and inspection modeling (RBIIM) of process components/system.. Risk Anal. 26(1), 203-221.
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Conference Papers3
  • Amin, M. T., Khan, F., Imtiaz, S., & Ahmed, S. (2019). Robust Process Monitoring Methodology for Detection and Diagnosis of Unobservable Faults. Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research. 58(41), 19149-19165.
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  • Amyotte, P., Irvine, Y., & Khan, F. (2018). Chemical safety board investigation reports and the hierarchy of controls: Round 2. Process Safety Progress. 37(4), 459-466.
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  • Ji, J., Tong, Q. i., Khan, F., Dadashzadeh, M., & Abbassi, R. (2018). Risk-Based Domino Effect Analysis for Fire and Explosion Accidents Considering Uncertainty in Processing Facilities. Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research. 57(11), 3990-4006.
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