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  • Ramadhani, A., Khan, F., Colbourne, B., Ahmed, S., & Taleb-Berrouane, M. (2022). Resilience assessment of offshore structures subjected to ice load considering complex dependencies. Reliability Engineering & System Safety. 222, 108421-108421.
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  • Halil, N., Rusli, R., Zainal Abidin, M., Jamen, S., & Khan, F. (2022). An integrated health risk assessment with control banding for nanomaterials exposure. Process Safety Progress. 41(S1), s84-s97.
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  • Chau, K., Djire, A., & Khan, F. (2022). Review and analysis of the hydrogen production technologies from a safety perspective. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy. 47(29), 13990-14007.
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  • Elsanoose, A., Abobaker, E., Khan, F., Rahman, M. A., Aborig, A., & Butt, S. D. (2022). Estimating of Non-Darcy Flow Coefficient in Artificial Porous Media. Energies. 15(3), 1197-1197.
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  • Zarei, E., Gholamizadeh, K., Khan, F., & Khakzad, N. (2022). A dynamic domino effect risk analysis model for rail transport of hazardous material. Journal of Loss Prevention in the Process Industries. 74, 104666-104666.
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Conference Papers3
  • Amin, M. T., Khan, F., Imtiaz, S., & Ahmed, S. (2019). Robust Process Monitoring Methodology for Detection and Diagnosis of Unobservable Faults. Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research. 58(41), 19149-19165.
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  • Amyotte, P., Irvine, Y., & Khan, F. (2018). Chemical safety board investigation reports and the hierarchy of controls: Round 2. Process Safety Progress. 37(4), 459-466.
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  • Ji, J., Tong, Q. i., Khan, F., Dadashzadeh, M., & Abbassi, R. (2018). Risk-Based Domino Effect Analysis for Fire and Explosion Accidents Considering Uncertainty in Processing Facilities. Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research. 57(11), 3990-4006.
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