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  • Doss, W., Rayfield, J., Murphy, T., & Frost, K (2019). Examining agricultural mechanics projects and their use as supervised agricultural experiences.. Journal of Agricultural Education. 60(3),
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  • Edgar, D., Roberts, G., & Murphy, T. (2011). Exploring Relationships Between Teaching Efficacy and Student Teacher Cooperating Teacher Relationships. Journal of Agricultural Education. 52(1), 9-18.
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  • Roberts, G., Murphy, T., & Edgar, D (2010). Exploring Interaction between Student Teachers During the Student Teaching Experience. Journal of Agricultural Education. 51(1), 113-125.
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  • Hanagriff, R., Murphy, T., Roberts, G., Briers, G., & Lindner, J. (2010). Economic Impact of Supervised Agricultural Experiences: Returns from SAE Investment Costs in Texas, 20072008. Journal of Agricultural Education. 51(4), 71-81.
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  • Dooley, K. E., Linder, J. R., Dooley, L. M., & Murphy, T. (2005). Learning Theories. Advanced Methods in Distance Education. 31-55. IGI Global.
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Conference Papers1
  • Lau, M., Hanagriff, R., & Murphy, T (2008). "Assessment of a State Marketing Program: A Case Study Using the GO TEXAN Marketing Program Evaluation.". JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL AND RESOURCE ECONOMICS. 33(3), 496-496.
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