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  • Foias, C., Hamid, S., Onica, C., & Pearcy, C. (2009). Operators with a compact imaginary part. Indiana University Mathematics Journal. (5), 2304.
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  • Hamid, S. M., Onica, C., & Pearcy, C. (2008). Quasidiagonality and the hyperinvariant subspace problem. Israel Journal of Mathematics. (1), 296.
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  • Onica, C., & Panetta, R. L. (2007). Forced Two Layer Beta-Plane Quasi-Geostrophic Flow, Part II: Time and Space Analyticity. Indiana University Mathematics Journal. (3), 1046.
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  • Onica, C., & Panetta, R. L. (2006). Forced two layer beta-plane quasigeostrophic flow. Part I: Long-time existence and uniqueness of weak solutions. Journal of Differential Equations. (1), 209.
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