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  • Walters, L. M., Green, M. R., Goldsby, D., & Parker, D. (2018). Digital Storytelling as a Problem-Solving Strategy in Mathematics Teacher Education: How Making a Math-eo Engages and Excites 21st Century Students. International Journal of Technology in Education and Science. 2(1), 1-16.
  • Walters, L. M., Green, M. R., Goldsby, D., Walters, T. N., & Wang, L. (2016). Teaching Pre-service Teachers to Make Digital Stories that Explain Complex Mathematical Concepts in a Real-World Context: The "Math-eo" Project, Creating "Cool New Tools". INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL FOR TECHNOLOGY IN MATHEMATICS EDUCATION. 23(4), 129-144.
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  • Yaacob, A., Walters, L. M., Ali, R. M., Abdullah, S. S., & Walters, T. (2014). REFLECTING ON MALAYSIAN TEACHER TRAINEES' JOURNALS. MALAYSIAN JOURNAL OF LEARNING & INSTRUCTION. (1), 21.
  • Ibrahim, I., & Walters, L. M. (2012). Teaching English Decoding Skills in Qatar: How Computer-assisted Instruction May Overcome Local Challenges in Teacher Preparation and Instructional Skills. The International Journal of Learning: Annual Review. 18(4), 105-118.
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  • Kupka, B., Everett, A. M., Atkins, S. G., Mertesacker, M., Walters, L., Walters, T., ... Bolten, J. (2009). The intercultural communication motivation scale: An instrument to assess motivational training needs of candidates for international assignments. Human Resource Management. 48(5), 717-744.
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  • Amzat, I., & Padilla-Valdez, N. (2017). Teacher Professional Knowledge and Development for Reflective and Inclusive Practices. Amzat, I. H., & Padilla-Valdez, N. (Eds.), TEACHER PROFESSIONAL KNOWLEDGE AND DEVELOPMENT FOR REFLECTIVE AND INCLUSIVE PRACTICES. 57-69. Routledge.
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  • Walters, T. N., Walters, L. M., Green, M. R., & Lin, L. H. (2016). Rich Text, Rich Teach: Expanding Educational Horizons with Technology in Malaysia. Fast forwarding Higher Education Institutions for Global Challenges. 11-24. Springer Singapore.
  • Walters, L. M., Green, M. R., Walters, T. N., & Wang, L. (2015). The Examined Life. Teaching at Work. 211-233. SensePublishers.
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