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  • Beyabanaki, E., Eftekhar Ashtiani, R., Feyzi, M., & Zandinejad, A. (2021). Evaluation of Microshear Bond Strength of Four Different CAD‐CAM Polymer‐Infiltrated Ceramic Materials after Thermocycling. Journal of Prosthodontics.
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  • Khanlar, L. N., Abdou, A., Takagaki, T., Mori, S., Ikeda, M., Nikaido, T., Zandinejad, A., & Tagami, J. (2021). The effects of different silicatization and silanization protocols on the bond durability of resin cements to new high-translucent zirconia. Clinical Oral Investigations. 1-15.
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  • Nasiry Khanlar, L., Revilla-León, M., Barmak, A. B., Ikeda, M., Alsandi, Q., Tagami, J., & Zandinejad, A. (2021). Surface roughness and shear bond strength to composite resin of additively manufactured interim restorative material with different printing orientations. The Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry.
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  • Khanlar, L. N., Salazar Rios, A., Tahmaseb, A., & Zandinejad, A. (2021). Additive Manufacturing of Zirconia Ceramic and Its Application in Clinical Dentistry: A Review. Dentistry Journal. 9(9), 104-104.
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  • Yang, L. i., Miyanaji, H., Janaki Ram, D., Zandinejad, A., & Zhang, S. (2019). Functionally Graded Ceramic Based Materials Using Additive Manufacturing: Review and Progress. SOL-GEL SYNTHESIS AND PROCESSING. Ceramic Transactions Series. 43-55. John Wiley & Sons, Inc..
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