LaFayette, Carol individual record

Intersections of sciences, engineering, arts, and design

Development of cross-disciplinary teams

STEAM learning, research, and practice


Networks of practice for art + science broadly

Augmented reality app development, Microsoft HoloLens

Mesh networks in rural areas

Tool building for sensing and responding in natural settings


Structural change for networked learning ecosystems

selected publications
Academic Articles2
  • Lafayette, C. J. (2013). SEAD: The Network for Sciences, Engineering, Arts and Design. Leonardo. 46(2), 194-198.
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  • Lafayette, C. J. (2009). atta, palindrome.
  • Lafayette, C., Thomas, A., Mitchell, S., & Perumal, F. (2018). Interactive Conference Roster. Collaborations of Consequence NAKFIâ¬"s 15 Years Igniting Innovation at the Intersections of Disciplines. (pp. 407-407). National Academies Press.
  • Malina, R., Strohecker, C., Thill, R., Triscott, N., Root-Bernstein, R., Lafayette, C., ... Byrne, D. (2018). Gallery of Illuminating and Inspirational Integrative Practices in Higher Education. The Integration of the Humanities and Arts with Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine in Higher Education Branches from the Same Tree. (pp. 233-258). National Academies Press.
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Conference Papers9
  • LaFayette, C., Rikakis, T., Cox, D. J., Nadarajan, G., Strohecker, C., Jennings, P., ... Gibb, A. (2012). Network for Sciences, Engineering, Arts and Design. 79:1-79:1.
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  • Lafayette, C. J. (2010). Immersive Experiences for Museums.
  • Lafayette, C. J. (2009). I’m Not There.
  • LaFayette, C., Parke, F., McNamara, A., & Galanter, P. (2009). I'm not there: extending the range of human senses to benefit wildlife corridors. 23.
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  • LaFayette, C., Parke, F. I., Pierce, C. J., Nakamura, T., & Simpson, L. (2008). Atta Texana Leafcutting Ant Colony: A View Underground. 6:1-6:1.
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