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  • Flavin, P., Pacek, A. C., & Radcliff, B. (2019). Labour market regulation and subjective well-being in low-income countries. EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF POLITICAL RESEARCH. 58(4), 1088-1107.
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  • Pacek, A., Radcliff, B., & Brockway, M. (2019). Well-Being and the Democratic State: How the Public Sector Promotes Human Happiness. Social Indicators Research. 143(3), 1147-1159.
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  • Flavin, P., Pacek, A. C., & Radcliff, B. (2014). Assessing the Impact of the Size and Scope of Government on Human Well-Being. SOCIAL FORCES. 92(4), 1241-1258.
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  • Pacek, A. C. (2014). The political economy of human happiness: how voters' choices determine the quality of life. CAMBRIDGE REVIEW OF INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS. 27(1), 200-202.
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  • Keane, L., Pacek, A., & Radcliff, B. (2012). Organized Labor, Democracy, and Life Satisfaction. Labor Studies Journal. 37(3), 253-270.
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  • Davidson, R., Pacek, A. C., & Radcliff, B. (2013). Public Policy and Human Happiness: The Welfare State and the Market as Agents of Well-Being. Brockmann, H., & Delhey, J. (Eds.), Human Happiness and the Pursuit of Maximization: Is More Always Better?. 163-176. Springer Science & Business Media.
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