Shankar, Venkatesh (Venky) individual record

My areas of specialization include digital business, artificial intelligence, marketing strategy, innovation, retailing, international marketing, and pricing.

selected publications
Academic Articles84
  • Shankar, V. (2014). Shopper Marketing 2.0: Opportunities and Challenges Abstract. Emerald Group Publishing Limited.
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  • Shankar, V., & Carpenter, G. S. (2012). Handbook of Marketing Strategy. Edward Elgar Publishing.
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  • Shankar, V., & Carpenter, G. S. (2012). Introduction. Edward Elgar Publishing.
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  • Pan, X., Ratchford, B. T., & Shankar, V. (2003). THE EVOLUTION OF PRICE DISPERSION IN INTERNET RETAIL MARKETS Foot notes. Emerald (MCB UP ).
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  • Narang, U., & Shankar, V. (2019). Mobile Marketing 2.0: State of the Art and Research Agenda. Review of Marketing Research. Shankar Venkatesh, .. (Eds.), Marketing in a Digital World. (pp. 97-119). Emerald Publishing Limited.
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  • Bolton, R. N., & Shankar, V. (2018). Emerging retailer pricing trends and practices. Handbook of Research on Retailing. (pp. 104-131). Edward Elgar Publishing.
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  • Varadarajan, R., Yadav, M. S., & Shankar, V. (2014). First-Mover Advantage in the Internet-Enabled Market Environment. Handbook of Strategic e-Business Management. (pp. 157-185). Springer Berlin Heidelberg.
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  • Shankar, V., & Li, J. K. (2014). Leveraging Social Media in the Pharmaceutical Industry. Ding, M., Eliashberg, J., & Stremersch, S. (Eds.), Innovation and Marketing in the Pharmaceutical Industry. (pp. 477-505). Springer New York.
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  • Shankar, V. (2012). B2B e-commerce. Handbook of Business-to-Business Marketing. (pp. 625-638). Edward Elgar Publishing.
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Conference Papers2
  • Zhang, G., Allaire, D., McAdams, D. A., & Shankar, V. (2018). Generating Technology Evolution Prediction Intervals With Bootstrap Method. 7, v007t06a057-v007t06a057.
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  • Zhang, G., McAdams, D. A., Darani, M. M., & Shankar, V. (2017). Product Performance Evolution Prediction by Lotka-Volterra Equations. PROCEEDINGS OF THE ASME INTERNATIONAL DESIGN ENGINEERING TECHNICAL CONFERENCES AND COMPUTERS AND INFORMATION IN ENGINEERING CONFERENCE, 2017, VOL 6. 7, v007t06a014-v007t06a014.
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Venkatesh (Venky)
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Texas A&M University; 240B Wehner Marketing; 4112 TAMU
College Station, TX 77843-4112