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Academic Articles15
  • Lindell, M. K., Mumpower, J. L., Huang, S., Wu, H., Samuelson, C. D., & Wei, H. (2017). Perceptions of protective actions for a water contamination emergency. JOURNAL OF RISK RESEARCH. 20(7), 887-908.
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  • Huang, S., Wu, H., Lindell, M. K., Wei, H., & Samuelson, C. D. (2017). Perceptions, behavioral expectations, and implementation timing for response actions in a hurricane emergency. NATURAL HAZARDS. 88(1), 533-558.
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  • Lindell, M. K., Huang, S., Wei, H., & Samuelson, C. D. (2016). Perceptions and expected immediate reactions to tornado warning polygons. NATURAL HAZARDS. 80(1), 683-707.
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  • Lindell, M. K., Mumpower, J. L., Huang, S., Wu, H., & Samuelson, C. D. (2015). Exposure Path Perceptions and Protective Actions in Biological Water Contamination Emergencies.. Environ Health Insights. 9, 13-21.
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  • Wu, H., Lindell, M. K., Prater, C. S., & Samuelson, C. D (2014). Effects of track and threat information on judgments of hurricane strike probability.. Risk Anal. 34(6), 1025-1039.
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  • Samuelson, C. D., & Watrous-Rodriguez, K. M. (2011). Group Discussion and Cooperation in Social Dilemmas: Does the Medium Matter?. Kramer, R. M., Tenbrunsel, A. E., & Bazerman, M. H. (Eds.), SOCIAL DECISION MAKING: SOCIAL DILEMMAS, SOCIAL VALUES, AND ETHICAL JUDGMENTS. 13-46. Taylor & Francis.
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  • Samuelson, C. D., Veditz, A., Whitten, G. D., Matlock, M., Alston, L. T., Peterson, T. R., & Gilbertz, S. J. (2005). Citizen Participation and Representation in Collaborative Engagement Processes. Sabatier, P. A., Focht, W., Lubell, M., Trachtenberg, Z., Veditz, A., & Matlock, M. (Eds.), Swimming Upstream Collaborative Approaches to Watershed Management. 137-170. MIT Press.
  • Lovaglia, M., Mannix, E. A., Samuelson, C. D., Sell, J., & Wilson, R. K. (2005). Conflict, Power, and Status in Groups. Theories of Small Groups: Interdisciplinary Perspectives. 139-184. SAGE Publications.
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Conference Papers2
  • El-Shinnawy, M., Poole, M. S., Samuelson, C. D., & Vinze, A (1997). Collaborative systems for the management of resource conflicts. ASSOCIATION FOR INFORMATION SYSTEMS PROCEEDING OF THE AMERICAS CONFERENCE ON INFORMATION SYSTEMS. 581-583.
  • Roch, S. G., & Samuelson, C. D. (1997). Effects of environmental uncertainty and social value orientation in resource dilemmas. ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR AND HUMAN DECISION PROCESSES. 70(3), 221-235.
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