I am an ornithologist/evolutionary biologist, and my lab focuses primarily on developing molecular phylogenies of avian lineages (and now a few mammals), and using these phylogenies to address questions posed by relationships within those lineages. To date, this research has focused on genera that are distributed on two or more continents (Anthus (pipits), Motacilla (wagtails), Cinclus (dippers) and Turdus (thrushes)). In addition to resolving species relationships and revising taxonomy, work in my lab has has dealt with reconstructing historical biogeography and examining the relative roles that dispersal and vicariance (e.g., mountain uplift) may have played in the development of modern day species distributions and assemblages.

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  • Voelker, G., Huntley, J. W., Bryja, J., Denys, C., umbera, R., Demos, T. C., ... Kerbis Peterhans, J. C. (2021). Molecular systematics and biogeographic history of the African climbing-mouse complex (Dendromus).. Mol Phylogenet Evol. 161, 107166-107166.
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  • Hibbitts, T. J., Ryberg, W. A., Harvey, J. A., Voelker, G., Lawing, A. M., Adams, C. S., ... Laduc, T. J. (2019). Phylogenetic structure of Holbrookia lacerata (Cope 1880) (Squamata: Phrynosomatidae): one species or two?. Zootaxa. 4619(1), zootaxa.4619.1.6-154.
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  • Castellanos, A. A., Huntley, J. W., Voelker, G., & Lawing, A. M. (2019). Environmental filtering improves ecological niche models across multiple scales. METHODS IN ECOLOGY AND EVOLUTION. 10(4), 481-492.
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  • Rakovi, M., Neto, J. M., Lopes, R. J., Koblik, E. A., Fadeev, I. V., Lohman, Y. V., ... Drovetski, S. V. (2019). Geographic patterns of mtDNA and Z-linked sequence variation in the Common Chiffchaff and the 'chiffchaff complex'.. PLoS One. 14(1), e0210268-e0210268.
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  • Harvey, J. A., & Voelker, G. (2019). Host associations and climate influence avian haemosporidian distributions in Benin.. Int J Parasitol. 49(1), 27-36.
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