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Academic Articles11
  • Scheiner, J., Stein, L., Clark, J. R., Moore, J. N., Worthington, M., & Kamas, J. (2022). 'Southern Sensation Seedless' Grape. HORTSCIENCE. 57(2), 345-348.
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  • Kamas, J., Labay, A., & Scheiner, J. J. (2020). Evaluation of Grapevine Rootstocks on Slightly Acidic and Strongly Alkaline Texas Hill Country Soils. Catalyst Discovery into Practice. 4(2), 39-52.
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  • Scheiner, J. J., Labay, A., & Kamas, J. (2020). Rootstocks Improve Blanc Du Bois Vine Performance and Fruit Quality on Alkaline Soil. Catalyst Discovery into Practice. 4(2), 63-73.
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  • Moore, J. N., Clark, J. R., Kamas, J., Stein, L., Tarkington, F., & Tarkington, M. (2011). 'Victoria Red' Grape. HORTSCIENCE. 46(5), 817-820.
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  • Johnson, S., Andersen, R., Autio, W., Beckman, T., Black, B., Byers, P., ... Whiting, M (2011). Performance of the 2002 NC-140 Cooperative Peach Rootstock Planting. JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN POMOLOGICAL SOCIETY. 65(1), 17-25.
Conference Papers10
  • Scheiner, J. J., & Kamas, J (2018). Impact of Rootstock on Growth and Fruit Composition of 'Blanc Du Bois' Grapes. HORTSCIENCE. 53(9), S471-S472.
  • Sanchez, A., Black, M., & Kamas, J (2013). Pierce's disease in three susceptible grape cultivars grafted on hybrid rootstocks or own-rooted. PHYTOPATHOLOGY. 103(6), 126-126.
  • Mcbride, S., Lewis, J., Kamas, J., Black, M., & Appel, D (2013). Field trials for control of Phymatotricopsis omnivora in grapevines in Texas. PHYTOPATHOLOGY. 103(5), 7-7.
  • Moore, J. N., Clark, J. R., Kamas, J., Stein, L., Tarkington, F., & Tarkington, M (2011). 'Victoria Red' Table Grape: A New Option for Southern Grape Producers. HORTSCIENCE. 46(9), S41-S41.
  • Reighard, G. L., Beckman, T. G., Belding, R., Black, B. L., Cline, J., Cowgill, W., ... Whiting, M. D. (2011). Performance of Prunus Rootstocks in the 2001 NC-140 Peach Trial. IX INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON INTEGRATING CANOPY, ROOTSTOCK AND ENVIRONMENTAL PHYSIOLOGY IN ORCHARD SYSTEMS. 903(903), 463-468.
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