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James Rosenheim is a student of early modern British social and cultural history and author of two books on English landed society: The Townshends of Raynham and The Emergence of a Ruling Order . His current research focuses on the social and cultural status of the unmarried man in England in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. He served as director of the Melbern G. Glasscock Center for Humanities Research from 1998 to 2011.

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  • Rosenheim, J. M (1996). The Origins of Middle-Class Culture: Halifax, Yorkshire, 1660-1780. John Smail. The Journal of Modern History. 68(4), 978-980.
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  • Rosenheim, J. M., & Weber, W (1995). The Rise of Musical Classics in Eighteenth-Century England: A Study in Canon, Ritual, and Ideology. Journal of Interdisciplinary History. 25(4), 683-683.
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  • Rosenheim, J. M (1998). The emergence of a ruling order English landed society, 1650-1750. Addison-Wesley Longman Ltd.
  • Mock, D. B., Beier, A. L., Cannadine, D., & Rosenheim, J. M (1991). The First Modern Society: Essays in English History in Honour of Lawrence Stone.. JSTOR.
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  • Doughty, R., & Rosenheim, J. M (1989). The notebook of Robert Doughty 1662-1665.
  • Rosenheim, J (2001). The political culture of the early eighteenth-century English gentry. Asch, R. G. (Eds.), Der europäische Adel im Ancien Régime von der Krise der ständischen Monarchien bis zur Revolution (ca. 1600-1789). 323-342. Bohlau Verlag.
  • Rosenheim, J. M (1997). Landownership, the Aristocracy and the Country Gentry. Glassey, L. (Eds.), The Reigns of Charles II and James VII & II. 152-170. Macmillan Education UK.
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  • Rosenheim, J (1996). ‘Being taken notice of as engag’d in a party’: partisan occasions and political culture in Restoration Norfolk. Rawcliffe, C., Virgoe, R., & Wilson, R. (Eds.), Counties and communities essays on East Anglian history : presented to Hassell Smith. 259-274. Centre of East Anglian Studies.
  • Rosenheim, J (1989). County governance and elite withdrawal in Norfolk, 1660-1720. Beier, A. L., Cannadine, D., & Rosenheim, J. (Eds.), The First Modern Society Essays in English History in Honour of Lawrence Stone. Cambridge University Press.
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