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  • Edosomwan, K., Young, J. L., Butler, B. R., Young, J. R., & Williams, J. A. (2023). Tracking the Effects: Examining the Opportunity Stratification Hypothesis in Action. JOURNAL OF EDUCATION-US. 002205742311686-002205742311686.
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  • Young, J., & Young, J. (2022). Decoding the data dichotomy: applying QuantCrit to understand racially conscience intersectional meta-analytic research. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF RESEARCH & METHOD IN EDUCATION. 45(4), 381-396.
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  • Williams, A. M., & Young, J. (2021). Reliability Generalization Meta-analyses in Mathematics Education Research: A Research Synthesis. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF EDUCATION IN MATHEMATICS SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY. 9(4), 741-759.
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  • Young, J. L., & Young, J. R. (2018). Black Parents as Achievement Socialization Agents for Black Girls. Social Justice and Parent Partnerships in Multicultural Education Contexts. 243-254. IGI Global.
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