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My research is deeply rooted in ecological perspectives, is to clarify the ways in which context and culture are related to the development of leisure behavior among ethnic group individuals, especially adolescents. My interest stems from a larger interest in environmental and structural influences on human behavior. I view leisure as an outcome of the way that society is structured both physically and socially. Specifically, the idea is that we are organisms that adapt to our environment, and studying that environment is important for deterring or facilitating particular behaviors.

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Academic Articles25
  • León, M., Outley, C., Marchbanks, M., & Kelly Pryor, B. (2019). A Review of Recreation Requirements in U.S. Juvenile Justice Facilities. Criminal Justice Policy Review. 088740341986441-088740341986441.
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  • Manzano-Sanchez, H., Matarrita-Cascante, D., & Outley, C. (2019). Barriers and supports to college aspiration among latinx high school students. Journal of Youth Development. 14(2), 25-45.
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  • Wu, Y. J., Outley, C., & Matarrita-Cascante, D. (2019). Cultural immersion camps and development of ethnic identity in asian american youth. Journal of Youth Development. 14(2), 166-182.
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  • Pinckney, H. P., Outley, C., Brown, A., & Theriault, D. (2019). Playing While Black. Leisure Sciences. 1-11.
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  • Outley, C., & Skuza, J. A. (2019). Special issue: Perspectives on immigrant, refugee, and border youth. Journal of Youth Development. 14(2), 1-9.
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  • Outley, C. O., Brown, A. A., Gabriel, M., & Sullins, A. (2018). The role of culture in out-of-schooltime settings.. Witt, P. A., & Caldwell, L. L. (Eds.), Youth Development, 2nd Ed Principles and Practices in Out-Of-School Time Settings. (pp. 463-492). Sagamore/Venture Publishing.
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  • Villarruel, F. A., Montero-Sieburth, M., Dunbar, C., & Outley, C. W. (2005). Dorothy, there is no yellow brick road: The paradox of community youth development approaches for Latino and African American urban youth. Organized Activities As Contexts of Development: Extracurricular Activities, After School and Community Programs. (pp. 111-129).
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Conference Papers7
  • Matarrita-Cascante, D., Edwards, M., Outley, C. W., Clark, H. R., & Wu, Y. (2014). The Role of Community Nurture in Adolescent Interest in College Attendance. JOURNAL OF ADOLESCENT HEALTH. 54(2), s20-S20.
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  • McWhinney, S., McDonald, A., Outley, C., & McKyer, E. (2013). STUDENT WELLNESS AND ADVOCACY PROJECT: ENGAGING YOUNG MINDS. Annals of Nutrition and Metabolism. 63, 868-868.
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  • McWhinney, S., McKyer, L., Outley, C., & McDonald, A. (2010). Barriers to Healthy Nutrition and Food Preparation Practices of Rural Families. The FASEB Journal. 24,
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