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Instructional Assistant Professor

I am working on two principal areas of observational astronomy that are related. I am a member of the ESSENCE Project, a supernova search carried out on the CTIO 4-m telescope. I am also working on the reduction of light curves of more nearby supernovae observed at the Cerro Tololo Observatory and the Las Campanas Observatory.

selected publications
Academic Articles106
  • Holmbo, S., Stritzinger, M. D., Shappee, B. J., Tucker, M. A., Zheng, W., Ashall, C., ... Zhao, X. (2019). Discovery and progenitor constraints on the Type Ia supernova 2013gy⋆. 627, a174-A174.
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  • Ashall, C., Hsiao, E. Y., Hoeflich, P., Stritzinger, M., Phillips, M. M., Morrell, N., ... Taddia, F. (2019). Carnegie Supernova Project-II: Using Near-infrared Spectroscopy to Determine the Location of the Outer 56 Ni in Type Ia Supernovae. The Astrophysical Journal. 875(2), L14-L14.
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  • Ashall, C., Hoeflich, P., Hsiao, E. Y., Phillips, M. M., Stritzinger, M., Baron, E., ... Taddia, F. (2019). A Physical Basis for the H-band Blue-edge Velocity and Light-curve Shape Correlation in Context of Type Ia Supernova Explosion Physics. The Astrophysical Journal. 878(2), 86-86.
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  • Phillips, M. M., Contreras, C., Hsiao, E. Y., Morrell, N., Burns, C. R., Stritzinger, M., ... Walker, E. S. (2019). Carnegie Supernova Project-II: Extending the Near-infrared Hubble Diagram for Type Ia Supernovae to z 0.1. Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific. (995), 014001.
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  • Hsiao, E. Y., Phillips, M. M., Marion, G. H., Kirshner, R. P., Morrell, N., Sand, D. J., ... Wang, L. (2019). Carnegie Supernova Project-II: The Near-infrared Spectroscopy Program. Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific. 131(995), 014002-014002.
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Conference Papers2
  • Sadler, B., Hoeflich, P., Baron, E., Krisciunas, K., Folatelli, G., Hamuy, M., ... Wang, L. (2011). Constraining the Properties of SNe Ia Progenitors from Light Curves. Proceedings of the International Astronomical Union. 7(S281), 309-313.
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  • Stanishev, V., Taubenberger, S., Blanc, G., Anupama, G. C., Benetti, S., Cappellaro, E., ... Hillebrandt, W. (2007). The Peculiar Type Ia Supernova 2005hk. AIP Conference Proceedings, THE MULTICOLORED LANDSCAPE OF COMPACT OBJECTS AND THEIR EXPLOSIVE ORIGINS. 924(1), 336-341.
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