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  • Kreeger, T. J., Cook, W. E., Piche, C. A., & Smith, T. (2001). Anesthesia of Pronghorns Using Thiafentanil or Thiafentanil Plus Xylazine. Journal of Wildlife Management. 65(1), 25-28.
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  • Gall, D., Nielsen, K., Forbes, L., Cook, W., Leclair, D., Balsevicius, S., ... Mallory, M. (2001). EVALUATION OF THE FLUORESCENCE POLARIZATION ASSAY AND COMPARISON TO OTHER SEROLOGICAL ASSAYS FOR DETECTION OF BRUCELLOSIS IN CERVIDS. Journal of Wildlife Diseases. 37(1), 110-118.
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  • Cook, W. E., Williams, E. S., Thorne, E. T., Taylor, S. K., & Anderson, S. (2001). Safety of Brucella abortus Strain RB51 in Deer Mice. Journal of Wildlife Diseases. 37(3), 621-625.
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  • Cook, W. E., Williams, E. S., Thorne, E. T., Kreeger, T. J., Stout, G. W., Schurig, G., ... Elzer, P. H. (2000). SAFETY OF BRUCELLA ABORTUS STRAIN RB51 IN BULL ELK. Journal of Wildlife Diseases. 36(3), 484-488.
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  • Van Campen, H., Williams, E. S., Edwards, J., Cook, W., & Stout, G. (1997). EXPERIMENTAL INFECTION OF DEER WITH BOVINE VIRAL DIARRHEA VIRUS. Journal of Wildlife Diseases. 33(3), 567-573.
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