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I have an interest in the core values and benefits of scholarly communications (e.g., scholarly impact, research information management systems, linked data, identifiers, repositories, and research data curation). The long-term goals of my research are to improve our understanding of the best practices and needs of scholarly communication services in different contexts, as well as to inform the design of information and data management tools and instructions. I am particularly interested in implementing VIVO application (e.g., Scholars@TAMU) and integrating digital asset management systems (e.g., RIM systems, identifiers, altmetrics, repositories). Edited on 20200212.

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Academic Articles12
  • Lee, D. J., & Stvilia, B. (2014). Developing a Data Identifier Taxonomy. Cataloging & Classification Quarterly. 52(3), 303-336.
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  • Wu, S., Stvilia, B., & Lee, D. J. (2012). Authority Control for Scientific Data: The Case of Molecular Biology. Journal of Library Metadata. 12(2-3), 61-82.
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  • Wu, S., Stvilia, B., & Lee, D. J. (2013). Authority control for scientific data: The case of molecular biology. Miksa, S. (Eds.), Functional future for bibliographic control. Taylor & Francis Books.
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  • Lee, D. Software-test55 2020
  • Lee, D. scholars-discovery 2019
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Dong Joon
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Texas A&M University; Sterling C. Evans Library; 5000 TAMU
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