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Academic Articles40
  • Jiang, Y. u., Killough, J. E., Wu, X., & Cui, Y. (2021). Transient Temperature Impact on Deep Reservoir Fracturing. Geofluids. 2021, 1-9.
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  • Sun, Z., Tang, H., Espinoza, D. N., Balhoff, M. T., & Killough, J. E. (2020). Grain- to Reservoir-Scale Modeling of Depletion-Induced Compaction and Implications on Production Rate. SPE JOURNAL. 25(3), 1543-1556.
  • Du, F., Huang, J., Chai, Z., & Killough, J. (2020). Effect of vertical heterogeneity and nano-confinement on the recovery performance of oil-rich shale reservoir. Fuel. 267, 117199-117199.
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  • Huang, J., Jin, T., Barrufet, M., & Killough, J. (2020). Evaluation of CO2 injection into shale gas reservoirs considering dispersed distribution of kerogen. Applied Energy. 260, 114285-114285.
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  • Huang, J., Jin, T., Chai, Z., Barrufet, M., & Killough, J. (2020). Compositional simulation of three-phase flow in mixed-wet shale oil reservoir. Fuel. 260, 116361-116361.
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Conference Papers59
  • Wu, Y., Cheng, L., Fang, S., Killough, J. E., Huang, S., & Jia, P. (2020). A Novel Edge-Based Green Element Method for Simulating Fluid Flow in Unconventional Reservoirs with Discrete Fractures. SPE JOURNAL. 25(2), 842-866.
  • Wu, Y., Cheng, L., Huang, S., Fang, S., Killough, J. E., Jia, P., & Wang, S. (2019). A transient two-phase flow model for production prediction of tight gas wells with fracturing fluid-induced formation damage. SPE Western Regional Meeting Proceedings. 2019,
  • Lopez Jimenez, B. A., Hernandez, G., Czernia, B., Killough, J. E., & Barrufet, M. A. (2018). Effects of Thermodynamic and Rock Properties on the Performance of Liquids-Rich Nano-Porous Shale Reservoirs. Day 1 Tue, August 14, 2018, SPE Argentina Exploration and Production of Unconventional Resources Symposium.
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  • Sun, Z., Tang, H., Espinoza, D. N., Balhoff, M. T., & Killough, J. E. (2018). Pore-to reservoir-scale modeling of depletion-induced compaction and implications on production rate. Proceedings - SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition. 2018-September,
  • Chai, Z., Yan, B., Killough, J. E., & Wang, Y. (2018). An efficient method for fractured shale reservoir history matching: The embedded discrete fracture multi-continuum approach. Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering. 160, 170-181.
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