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Dr. Haefeli's research has ranged from the frontier between New France and New England, to early Native American history, the famous Salem witchcraft trials, obscure revolts in colonial New York, captivity narratives and the nature of book publishing in colonial America, and the politics of religious toleration in the Dutch empire, especially New Netherland.

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Academic Articles4
  • Haefeli, E. (2015). How Special was Rhode Island? The Global Context of the 1663 Charter. Beneke, C., & Grenda, C. S. (Eds.), The Lively Experiment Religious Toleration in America from Roger Williams to the Present. (pp. 21-36). Rowman & Littlefield.
  • Haefeli, E. (2015). The Problem with the History of Toleration. Sullivan, W. F., Hurd, E. S., Mahmood, S., & Danchin, P. G. (Eds.), Politics of Religious Freedom. (pp. 105-114). University of Chicago Press.
  • Haefeli, E. (2013). Breaking the Christian Atlantic: The legacy of Dutch tolerance in Brazil. van Groesen, M. (Eds.), The Legacy of Dutch Brazil. (pp. 124-145). Cambridge University Press.
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  • Foster, S., & Haefeli, E. (2013). British North America in the Empire: An Overview. Foster, S. (Eds.), British North America in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries. (pp. 18-66). Oxford University Press.
  • Haefeli, E. (2013). Laurentius van den Bosch, (c.1660? 1696). van den Broeke, L., Krabbendam, H., & Mouw, D. (Eds.), Transatlantic Pieties Dutch Clergy in Colonial America. (pp. 217-235). Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Company.
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