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Stephen Riegg's research and teaching interests include imperial Russian history, nineteenth-century European politics, and nationalism and imperialism in Eurasia. His current book project, "Adversarial Allies: Imperial Russia's Encounter with Armenians, 1801-1914," explores the relationship between the Romanov empire and the Armenian diaspora that populated Russia's territorial fringes and navigated the tsarist state's metropolitan centers. A thoroughly empirical study of Russia's evolving methods of rule, this book uses archival sources from St. Petersburg and Moscow, Russia, and Yerevan, Armenia, to reassess the nature of Russian imperialism in the nineteenth century.

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Academic Articles11
  • Riegg, S. B. (2022). Aid to Armenia: Humanitarianism and Intervention from the 1890s to the Present. RUSSIAN REVIEW. 81(2), 382-383.
  • Riegg, S. B. (2022). Nested Nationalism: Making and Unmaking Nations in the Soviet Caucasus, by Krista A.Goff. Canadian-American Slavic Studies. 56(2), 266-268.
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  • Riegg, S. B (2021). Resettling the Borderlands: State Relocations and Ethnic Conflict in the South Caucasus, by Farid Shafiyev. Canadian-American Slavic Studies. 55(1), 107-110.
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  • Riegg, S. B. (2020). Cocooned In The Caucasus. Cahiers du monde russe. 61(1-2), 205-230.
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  • Riegg, S. B (2020). Russia's Entangled Embrace. Cornell University Press.
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  • Riegg, S. B (2020). Integration and Reorientation. Russia's Entangled Embrace. 89-123. Cornell University Press.
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  • Riegg, S. B. (2020). Armenians in the Russian Political Imagination, 18141829. Russia's Entangled Embrace. 50-88. Cornell University Press.
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  • Riegg, S. B. (2020). Introduction. Russia's Entangled Embrace. 1-11. Cornell University Press.
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  • Riegg, S. B. (2020). Nadir and Normalization, 18961914. Russia's Entangled Embrace. 199-236. Cornell University Press.
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  • Riegg, S. B. (2020). The Embrace of an Empire, 18011813. Russia's Entangled Embrace. 12-49. Cornell University Press.
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