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In the Veldman Lab at Texas A&M University, we study relationships among plant species, ecosystem functions, and human-induced environmental change. Fire - both as an ancient ecological force and as a management tool - is central to our research on the conservation and restoration of tropical and subtropical savannas and forests. Through interdisciplinary collaborations and outreach to environmental organizations, we work to improve public policies that impact fire-dependent ecosystems and human livelihoods.

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  • Silveira, F., Ordóñez‐Parra, C. A., Moura, L. C., Schmidt, I. B., Andersen, A. N., Bond, W., ... Pennington, R. T. (2021). Biome Awareness Disparity is BAD for tropical ecosystem conservation and restoration. Journal of Applied Ecology.
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  • Novak, E. N., Bertelsen, M., Davis, D., Grobert, D. M., Lyons, K. G., Martina, J. P., ... Veldman, J. W (2021). Season of prescribed fire determines grassland restoration outcomes after fire exclusion and overgrazing. Ecosphere. 12(9),
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  • Haddad, T., Viani, R., Cava, M., Durigan, G., & Veldman, J (2020). Savannas after afforestation: Assessment of herbaceous community responses to wildfire versus native tree planting. Biotropica. 52(6), 1206-1216.
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  • Fleischman, F., Basant, S., Chhatre, A., Coleman, E. A., Fischer, H. W., Gupta, D., ... Veldman, J. W (2020). Pitfalls of Tree Planting Show Why We Need People-Centered Natural Climate Solutions. BioScience. 70(11), 947-950.
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  • Nerlekar, A. N., & Veldman, J. W (2020). High plant diversity and slow assembly of old-growth grasslands.. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 117(31), 18550-18556.
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