My research focus is microbe-soil-plant interactions, studying the rhizosphere dynamics to improve the economic and environmental benefits of soil resources. Projects are in progress to identify soil management techniques for improving biodiversity of plant beneficial microbes in soils, increase soil carbon capture and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. I apply biogeochemical analysis and systems biology tools to measure soil microbial networks and their influence on biogeocycles. Other areas of interest include bioremediation of heavy metal contamination and acid soil management.

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  • Christensen, G. A., Gionfriddo, C. M., King, A. J., Moberly, J. G., Miller, C. L., Somenahally, A. C., ... Elias, D. A. (2019). Determining the Reliability of Measuring Mercury Cycling Gene Abundance with Correlations with Mercury and Methylmercury Concentrations.. Environ Sci Technol. 53(15), 8649-8663.
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  • Hu, P., Wu, L., Hollister, E. B., Wang, A. S., Somenahally, A. C., Hons, F. M., & Gentry, T. J. (2019). Fungal Community Structural and Microbial Functional Pattern Changes After Soil Amendments by Oilseed Meals of Jatropha curcas and Camelina sativa: A Microcosm Study.. Front Microbiol. 10(MAR), 537.
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  • Christensen, G. A., Somenahally, A. C., Moberly, J. G., Miller, C. M., King, A. J., Gilmour, C. C., ... Elias, D. A. (2018). Carbon Amendments Alter Microbial Community Structure and Net Mercury Methylation Potential in Sediments.. Appl Environ Microbiol. 84(3), e01049-e01017.
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  • Somenahally, A., DuPont, J. I., Brady, J., McLawrence, J., Northup, B., & Gowda, P. (2018). Microbial communities in soil profile are more responsive to legacy effects of wheat-cover crop rotations than tillage systems. SOIL BIOLOGY & BIOCHEMISTRY. 123, 126-135.
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  • Kandel, T. P., Gowda, P. H., Somenahally, A., Northup, B. K., DuPont, J., & Rocateli, A. C. (2018). Nitrous oxide emissions as influenced by legume cover crops and nitrogen fertilization. NUTRIENT CYCLING IN AGROECOSYSTEMS. 112(1), 119-131.
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  • Somenahally, A. (2017). Root-Microbe Interactions in Response to Soil Conditions. Field, D. J., Morgan, C., & McBratney, A. B. (Eds.), Global Soil Security. 137-144. Springer Nature.
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Anil Kumar
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Somenahally Chandr
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Texas A&M AgriLife Research; Overton; 9999 TAMUS
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