Torabi, Katayoun individual record
Instructional Assistant Professor
selected publications
Academic Articles3
  • Torabi, K. (2020). Asceticism in Old English and Syriac Soul and Body Narratives. Humanities. 9(3), 100-100.
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  • Torabi, K. (2015). Two New Approaches to Exploring Monstrous Landscapes in Beowulf and Blickling Homily XVII. Essays in Medieval Studies. 31(1), 165-181.
  • Davis, M., Habbestad, T., Heil, J., Mandell, L., Moore, S., Perrings, L., & Torabi, K. (2013). Debates in the Digital Humanities. Information and Culture.
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  • Torabi, K. (2018). Chapter 2. IF (NOT “QUANTIZE, CLICK, AND CONCLUDE”) {DIGITAL METHODS IN MEDIEVAL STUDIES}. Meeting the Medieval in a Digital World. 27-44. Amsterdam University Press.
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  • Torabi, K. (2018). If (Not “Quantize, Click, and Conclude”) {Digital Methods in Medieval Studies}. Meeting the Medieval in a Digital World. Amsterdam University Press.
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Conference Papers1
  • Torabi, K., Durgan, J., & Tarpley, B. (2013). Early modern OCR project (eMOP) at Texas A&M University. 23-26.
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Institutional Repository Documents1
  • Schwartz, D. L., Gibson, N. P., & Torabi, K. (2021). Modeling a Born-Digital Factoid Prosopography using the TEI and Linked Data.
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