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  • Himanshu, S. K., Ale, S., Bordovsky, J. P., Kim, J., Samanta, S., Omani, N., & Barnes, E. M. (2021). Assessing the impacts of irrigation termination periods on cotton productivity under strategic deficit irrigation regimes. Scientific Reports. 11(1), 20102.
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  • Shrestha, R., Adams, C. B., Ravelombola, W., MacMillan, J., Trostle, C., Ale, S., & Hinson, P. (2021). Exploring phenotypic variation and associations in root nodulation, morphological, and growth character traits among 50 guar genotypes. Industrial Crops and Products. 171, 113831-113831.
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  • Ravelombola, W., Manley, A., Adams, C., Trostle, C., Ale, S., Shi, A., & Cason, J. (2021). Genetic and genomic resources in guar: a review. Euphytica. 217(11), 199.
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  • Kothari, K., Ale, S., Bordovsky, J. P., Munster, C. L., Singh, V. P., Nielsen-Gammon, J., & Hoogenboom, G. (2021). Potential genotype-based climate change adaptation strategies for sustaining cotton production in the Texas High Plains: A simulation study. Field Crops Research. 271, 108261-108261.
  • Mauget, S. A., Himanshu, S. K., Goebel, T. S., Ale, S., Lascano, R. J., & Gitz, D. C. (2021). Soil and soil organic carbon effects on simulated Southern High Plains dryland Cotton production. Soil and Tillage Research. 212, 105040-105040.
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