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Professor Luco studies how consumers and firms interact in environments characterized by frictions that prevent markets from reaching efficient outcomes. Current research includes topics such as how strategic ability affects the efficiency of electricity markets, how consumer and firm search behavior affect competition in retail-gasoline markets, how vertical integration with multiproduct firms affects market efficiency, and how price leadership behavior in retail-gasoline markets can be disrupted with policies that reduce the volatility of wholesale prices.

selected publications
Academic Articles12
  • Luco, F. (2019). Who Benefits from Information Disclosure? The Case of Retail Gasoline. AMERICAN ECONOMIC JOURNAL-MICROECONOMICS. 11(2), 277-305.
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  • Hortacsu, A., Luco, F., Puller, S. L., & Zhu, D. (2019). Does Strategic Ability Affect Efficiency? Evidence from Electricity Markets. AMERICAN ECONOMIC REVIEW. 109(12), 4302-4342.
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  • Luco Echeverria, F., Al-Chilet, J., & Colson-Sihra, E. Market Structure and Distributional Implications of Product Bans.
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