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Research efforts focus on the development of high-performance, model-based control systems that enable safe and effective operation of processes. Energy-related applications are the target of these efforts. Recent research has focused on the development of optimal control systems for energy production from biomass, and in particular, anaerobic digestion processes. Globally stabilizing control algorithms for anaerobic digesters have been developed, that enable operation around optimal conditions. Current and future research efforts include energy from biomass applications, and also, control and optimization problems related to both upstream and downstream operations in the petroleum industry.

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Academic Articles117
Conference Papers86
  • Savoglidis, G., & Kravaris, C. (2013). Constant-yield control of the chemostat. IFAC Proceedings Volumes. 46(23), 164-169.
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  • Savoglidis, G., & Kravaris, C. (2012). Constant - Yield control of continuous bioreactors.
  • Kravaris, C. (2012). Functional Observers for Nonlinear Systems. 501-506.
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  • Psaltis, A., Kookos, I. K., & Kravaris, C. (2011). An Improved Formulation for the Process Control Structure Selection based on Economics Problem. 20TH EUROPEAN SYMPOSIUM ON COMPUTER AIDED PROCESS ENGINEERING. 29, 638-642.
  • Kravaris, C. (2011). Functional observers for nonlinear systems. IEEE International Conference on Control and Automation, ICCA. 501-506.
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