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Clinical Professor

My research interests include the adoption, use, management, and implementation of information technology in organizational settings. In particular, I am interested in how organizations give incentive to their employees to use IT in their work.

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Academic Articles10
  • Carte, T. A., Jasperson, J. L., & Cornelius, M. E. (2006). Integrating ERD and UML Concepts When Teaching Data Modeling. Journal of Information Systems Education. 17(1), 55-63.
  • Jasperson, J., Carter, P. E., & Zmud, R. W. (2005). A comprehensive conceptualization of post-adoptive behaviors associated with information technology enabled work systems. MIS Quarterly: Management Information Systems. 29(3), 525-557.
  • Schwarzkopf, A. B., Mejias, R. J., Jasperson, J., Saunders, C. S., & Gruenwald, H. (2004). Effective practices for IT skills staffing. Communications of the ACM. 47(1), 83-88.
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  • Saunders, C., Carte, T. A., Jasperson, J. L., & Butler, B. S. (2003). Lessons from the Trenches of Metatriangulation Research. Communications of the Association for Information Systems. 11, 245-270.
  • Jasperson, J., Carte, T. A., Saunders, C. S., Butler, B. S., Croes, H., & Zheng, W. (2002). Review: Power and information technology research: A metatriangulation review. MIS Quarterly: Management Information Systems. 26(4), 397-434.
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`Jon (Sean)
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Texas A&M University; Dept Of Information & Operations Management; 4217 TAMU
College Station, TX 77843-4217