I have research interests in wellbore heat transfer, transient transport processes, and wellbore/reservoir fluid flow. My current work plan is to develop heat transfer models for subsea completion in deep water settings. Modeling fluid temperature and pressure during shut-in, startup, or rate change is complicated by the coupled nature of these transport processes. We are using numerical and semi-analytical approaches for modeling transient flow of heat, mass, and momentum in wellbores. Future work in this area includes modeling wellbore transient heat transfer to convert wellhead pressure during water injection in unconventional formations. Analysis of warmback data to improve DTS visualization and

interpretation is another important future research topic. Many processes require an integrated approach to modeling fluid flow and pressure drop in both the reservoir and the wellbore. We are using such an approach to better understand the process of liquid

loading of gas wells and well blow out.

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  • Hasan, A. R., Kabir, C. S., & Sarica, C. (2002). Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer in Wellbores.
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Abu Rashid
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