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  • Al Shaikhly, B., Harrel, S. K., Umorin, M., Augsburger, R. A., & Jalali, P (2020). Comparison of a Dental Operating Microscope and High-resolution Videoscope for Endodontic Procedures.. J Endod. 46(5), 688-693.
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  • Chang, L., Umorin, M., Augsburger, R. A., Glickman, G. N., & Jalali, P (2020). Periradicular Lesions in Cancellous Bone Can Be Detected Radiographically.. J Endod. 46(4), 496-501.
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  • Hatzke, M. W., Daigle, F. C., Augsburger, R. A., Kesterke, M. J., & Jalali, P. (2020). Retrograde Instrumentation of Surgically Resected Roots Using Controlled Memory Files: A Human Cadaver Study.. J Endod. (9), 1317-1322.
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  • Jalali, P., Tahmasbi, M., Augsburger, R. A., Khalilkhani, N. K., & Daghighi, K (2019). Dynamics of Bone Loss in Cases with Acute or Chronic Apical Abscess.. J Endod. 45(9), 1114-1118.
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  • Wright, C. R., Glickman, G. N., Jalali, P., & Umorin, M. (2019). Effectiveness of Gutta-percha/Sealer Removal during Retreatment of Extracted Human Molars Using the GentleWave System (vol 45, pg 808, 2019). JOURNAL OF ENDODONTICS. 45(8), 1060-1060.
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