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My research focuses on the dispersal of modern humans in northern environments; peopling of Northeast Asia, Beringia, and North America; Upper Paleolithic and Paleoindian archaeology; hunter-gatherer ecology and adaptations in extreme environments (arctic and arid); human-environment interactions; lithic technology; geoarchaeology; and environmental archaeology.

selected publications
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  • Graf, K. E. (2014). Modern human response to the last glacial maximum in Siberia. Kaifu, Y., Izuho, M., Goebel, T., Sato, H., & Ono, A. (Eds.), Emergence and Diversity of Modern Human Behavior in Paleolithic Asia. (pp. 506-531). Texas A&M University Press.
  • Graf, K. E. (2014). Siberian odyssey. Paleoamerican Odyssey. (pp. 65-80).
  • Graf, K. E. (2011). On Late Upper Paleolithic Variability in South-Central Siberia: Rethinking the Afontova and Kokorevo Cultures. Goebel, T., & Buvit, I. (Eds.), From the Yenisei to the Yukon Interpreting Lithic Assemblage Variability in Late Pleistocene/Early Holocene Beringia. (pp. 33-46). Texas A&M University Press.
  • Graf, K. E. (2009). Modern Human Colonization of the Siberian Mammoth Steppe: A View from South-Central Siberia. Camps, M., & Chauhan, P. (Eds.), Sourcebook of Paleolithic Transitions. (pp. 479-501). Springer New York.
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  • Graf, K. E., & Goebel, T. (2009). Upper Paleolithic Toolstone Procurement and Selection Across Beringia. adams, B., & Blades, B. S. (Eds.), Lithic Materials and Paleolithic Societies. (pp. 54-77). Wiley-blackwell.
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