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I study and teach comparative politics, political behavior, political economy, and and political methodology. My research focuses on identity politics and political representation and draws on field, survey, and natural experiments and qualitative fieldwork in Latin America and Europe.

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Academic Articles9
  • Choi, D. D., Poertner, M., & Sambanis, N. (2021). Temperature and outgroup discrimination. Political Science Research and Methods. 1-9.
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  • Garay, C., Palmer-Rubin, B., & Poertner, M. (2020). Organizational and partisan brokerage of social benefits: Social policy linkages in Mexico. World Development. 136, 105103-105103.
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  • Palmer-Rubin, B., Garay, C., & Poertner, M. (2020). Incentives for Organizational Participation: A Recruitment Experiment in Mexico. Comparative Political Studies. 54(1), 110-143.
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  • Choi, D. D., Poertner, M., & Sambanis, N. (2020). Linguistic Assimilation Does Not Reduce Discrimination Against Immigrants: Evidence from Germany. Journal of Experimental Political Science. 8(3), 235-246.
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  • Poertner, M. (2020). The Organizational Voter: Support for New Parties in Young Democracies. AMERICAN JOURNAL OF POLITICAL SCIENCE. 65(3), 634-651.
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