Sun, Yuefeng individual record
Mollie B. & Richard A. Williford Professor
selected publications
Academic Articles33
  • Goldberg, D., & Sun, Y. F. (1997). Seismic structure of the upper oceanic crust revealed by in situ Q logs. Geophysical Research Letters. 24(3), 333-336.
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  • SUN, Y., KUO, J., & TENG, Y. (1994). EFFECTS OF POROSITY ON SEISMIC ATTENUATION. Journal of Computational Acoustics. 02(01), 53-69.
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  • Kuo, J. T., & Yue-Feng, S. (1993). Modeling gravity variations caused by dilatancies. TECTONOPHYSICS. 227(1-4), 127-143.
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Conference Papers25