My laboratory has an active research portfolio funded by the National Institutes of Health and the US EPA with a focus on the mechanisms of action of environmental toxicants and the genetic determinants of the susceptibility to toxicant-induced injury. Through a combination of in vivo animal studies and experiments that utilize cellular and molecular models, we aim to better understand why certain chemicals cause cancer or organ damage in rodents and whether humans in general, or any susceptible sub-population in particular, are at risk from similar exposures.

The main focus of our inter-disciplinary research is on improving the linkages between exposures and adverse health effects Specifically, we develop innovative experimental methods and computational tools which enable analysis of data across multiple dimensions including SNPs, -omic endpoints, multiple chemicals and traditional toxicity phenotypes.

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  • Pogribny, I. P., & Rusyn, I. (2013). Environmental Toxicants, Epigenetics, and Cancer.
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  • Allen, N., Anderson, L. M., Beland, F. A., Bénichou, J., Beral, V., Bloomfield, K., ... Russell, D. (2010). Alcohol consumption and ethyl carbamate.
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