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Assistant Research Engineer - Faculty

Interested in creating meaningful change through truly effective

interventions by understanding how dynamic factors within

different socio-ecological levels embedded in complex, social

systems influence: (1) intervention effectiveness and (2) epistemology (theoretically and practically).

Current research applications include:

Transportation Safety | Analyzes intervention effectiveness

in reducing motor-vehicle crashes, such as those involving DUIs, distracted driving, and pedestrians.

Research Integrity | Focuses on understanding the concept of \"research integrity\" as a complex social system by evaluating the effects of proposed solutions (both positive and negative) that reduce distorted reporting and flexible data analysis in order to decrease the problem of declining research integrity.

Type 2 Diabetes | Evaluates evidence-based interventions for type 2 diabetes in vulnerable communities and on understanding how framing affects health disparities.

selected publications
Academic Articles2
  • Gorman, D. M., Elkins, A. D., & Lawley, M. (2019). A Systems Approach to Understanding and Improving Research Integrity. Science and Engineering Ethics. 25(1), 211-229.
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  • Miller, F. H., & Henning, W. H. (2004). Problems and Solutions Under UCC Article 2.
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  • Elkins, A. D., & Gorman, D. M. (2014). Systems Theory in Public Health. McQueen, D. V. (Eds.), Oxford Bibliographies in Public Health.
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