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Instructional Assistant Professor

Dr. C. Silva Hamie has been an Instructional Assistant Professor in the Department of International Affairs (IA) since 2014, teaching courses on post-conflict recovery and development, clientelism and corruption, and international organizations. She has also been advising students and is involved in IA capstone projects.

education and training
selected publications
Academic Articles6
  • Dirani, K. M., & Hamie, C. S. (2017). Human resource education in the Middle East region. European Journal of Training and Development. Volume 41(Issue 2), 102-118.
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  • Usta, J., Farver, J. M., & Hamieh, C. S. (2016). Effects of Socialization on Gender Discrimination and Violence Against Women in Lebanon. VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN. 22(4), 415-431.
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  • Squire, C. W., Hamieh, C. S., Martin, W., Shipman, J., Clark, P., Walcot, T., & Logan, D. (2011). Middle East. Asian Affairs. 42(3), 487-502.
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  • Peterson, J. E., Lucas, I., Hamieh, C. S., Lees, B., Burton, M., Leach, H., ... Thomson, F. (2010). Middle East. Asian Affairs. 41(3), 457-475.
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  • Hamieh, C. S., & Ginty, R. M. (2010). A very political reconstruction: governance and reconstruction in Lebanon after the 2006 war. DISASTERS. 34(s1), s103-s123.
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  • Hamie, C. (2018). Talent development and management: Exploring the rhetoric and reality in Lebanon. Dirani, K. M., Nafukho, F. M., & Irby, B. J. (Eds.), Global Issues and Talent Development Perspectives from Countries Around the World. (pp. 67-81). IAP.
  • Dirani, K. M., Hamie, C. S., & Tlaiss, H. (2017). Leadership in Saudi Arabia: A Multifaceted Phenomenon. Ardichvili, A., & Dirani, K. (Eds.), Leadership Development in Emerging Market Economies. (pp. 245-260). Palgrave Macmillan US.
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  • Hamieh, C. H. (2011). Syria: From “spring” to the winter of civil war. Mair, J., & Keeble, R. L. (Eds.), Mirage in the Desert? Reporting the 'Arab Spring'. (pp. 65-77). Abrams Academic Publshing.
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