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  • An, Y., Baye, M. R., Hu, Y., Morgan, J., & Shum, M (2017). Identification and Estimation of Online Price Competition With an Unknown Number of Firms. Journal of Applied Econometrics. 32(1), 80-102.
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  • An, Y., Zhao, K., & Zhou, R (2016). Health spending and public pension: evidence from panel data. Applied Economics. 48(11), 987-1004.
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  • An, Y., & Hu, Y (2012). Well-posedness of measurement error models for self-reported data. Journal of Econometrics. 168(2), 259-269.
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  • An, Y., & Zhang, Z (2012). Congestion with heterogeneous commuters. Economic Modelling. 29(3), 557-565.
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  • An, Y., Hu, Y., & Shum, M (2010). Estimating first-price auctions with an unknown number of bidders: A misclassification approach. Journal of Econometrics. 157(2), 328-341.
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