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Dr. Zhang's primary research interests are social media analytics and machine learning. He is specifically interested in designing algorithms to analyze large social network and developing deep learning methods to investigate social media content such as text, image and video.

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  • Xie, J., Zhang, B., Ma, J., Zeng, D., & Lo-Ciganic, J. (2022). Readmission Prediction for Patients with Heterogeneous Medical History: A Trajectory-Based Deep Learning Approach. ACM Transactions on Management Information Systems. 13(2), 1-27.
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  • Xie, J., Zhang, B., Brown, S., & Zeng, D (2021). Write Like a Pro or an Amateur? Effect of Medical Language Formality. ACM Transactions on Management Information Systems. 12(3), 1-25.
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  • Liu, X., Zhang, B., Susarlia, A., & Padman, R (2020). Go to You Tube and Call Me in the Morning: Use of Social Media for Chronic Conditions. MIS Quarterly. 44(1), 257-283.
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  • Zhang, B., Geng, R., Chen, X. i., & Pavlou, P. A (2018). A Network Autocorrelation Model to Predict Repeat Purchases in Multi-Relational Social Networks: Evidence from Online Games. Fox School of Business Research Paper. (18),
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