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Clinical Assistant Professor
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Academic Articles5
  • Wilson, K. L., Szucs, L. E., Shipley, M., Fehr, S. K., McNeill, E. B., & Wiley, D. C. (2019). Identifying the Inclusion of National Sexuality Education Standards Utilizing a Systematic Analysis of Teen Dating Violence Prevention Curriculum.. J Sch Health. 89(2), 106-114.
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  • Shipley, M., Holden, C., Mcneill, E. B., Fehr, S., & Wilson, K. (2018). Piecing Together Behaviors of Healthy Relationships. Health Educator. 50(1), 24-29.
  • Fehr, S. K., Vidourek, R. A., King, K. A., & Nabors, L. A. (2018). Relationship Factors Impact on Condom Use Among College Students. Sexuality & Culture. (3),
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  • Vidourek, R. A., King, K. A., Rosen, B. L., & Fehr, S. K (2015). USING THE HEALTH BELIEF MODEL TO EXPLORE FEMALE'S PERCEPTIONS OF MALE HPV VACCINATION.. American Journal of Health Studies. 30(4), 187-195.
  • Vidourek, R. A., King, K. A., & Fehr, S. K (2014). Hispanic youth involvement in over-the-counter drug use: parent, peer, and school factors.. J Addict Dis. 33(4), 376-387.
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  • Fehr, S. K., & McNeil, E. B. (2017). Infectious Diseases: Prevention and Control. Wiley, D. C., & Cory, A. C. (Eds.), Encyclopedia of School Health. Sage Publications, Inc..
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