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  • Dwivedi, Y. K., Hughes, L., Wang, Y., Alalwan, A. A., Ahn, S., Balakrishnan, J., ... Wirtz, J. (2023). Metaverse marketing: How the metaverse will shape the future of consumer research and practice. PSYCHOLOGY & MARKETING. 40(4), 750-776.
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  • Sharma, A., Akella, L. Y., & Borah, S. B. (2022). Knowledge structure of Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs): A review, bibliometric analysis, and research agenda. JOURNAL OF BUSINESS RESEARCH. 151, 448-462.
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  • Wichmann, J., Uppal, A., Sharma, A., & Dekimpe, M. G. (2022). A global perspective on the marketing mix across time and space. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF RESEARCH IN MARKETING. 39(2), 502-521.
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  • Mukhopadhyay, S., Kumar, V., Sharma, A., & Chung, T. S. (2022). Impact of review narrativity on sales in a competitive environment. PRODUCTION AND OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT. 31(6), 2538-2556.
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  • Sharma, A., Kumar, V., Borah, S. B., & Adhikary, A. (2022). Complexity in a multinational enterprise's global supply chain and its international business performance: A bane or a boon?. J Int Bus Stud. 53(5), 850-878.
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  • Sharma, A., Borah, S. B., Adhikary, A., & Haque, T. (2021). Accountability Beyond Profitability: Understanding the Impact of Marketing Actions on Environmental and Social Performance. Marketing Accountability for Marketing and Non-marketing Outcomes. 193-232. Emerald.
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  • Arunachalam, S., & Sharma, A. (2019). Marketing Analytics. Essentials of Business Analytics. 623-658. Springer Nature.
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