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My research focuses on statistical methodology and application in bioinformatics, nutrition, biostatistics and epidemiology, and functional/longitudinal data analysis.

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Academic Articles38
  • Mukherjee, R., Beykal, B., Szafran, A. T., Onel, M., Stossi, F., Mancini, M. G., ... Pistikopoulos, E. N. (2020). Classification of estrogenic compounds by coupling high content analysis and machine learning algorithms.. PLoS Comput Biol. 16(9), e1008191-e1008191.
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  • Onel, M., Beykal, B., Ferguson, K., Chiu, W. A., McDonald, T. J., Zhou, L., ... Pistikopoulos, E. N. (2019). Grouping of complex substances using analytical chemistry data: A framework for quantitative evaluation and visualization.. PLoS One. 14(10), e0223517-e0223517.
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  • Najibi, S. M., Maadooliat, M., Zhou, L., Huang, J. Z., & Gao, X. (2017). Protein Structure Classification and Loop Modeling Using Multiple Ramachandran Distributions*. 15, 243-254.
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  • Sang, W., Speakmon, M., Zhou, L., Wang, Y. u., Lei, C., Pillai, S. D., & Zhu-Salzman, K (2016). Detrimental effects of electron beam irradiation on the cowpea bruchid Callosobruchus maculatus.. Pest Manag Sci. 72(4), 787-795.
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  • Maadooliat, M., Zhou, L., Najibi, S. M., Gao, X., & Huang, J. Z. (2016). Collective Estimation of Multiple Bivariate Density Functions With Application to Angular-Sampling-Based Protein Loop Modeling. 111(513), 43-56.
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  • Mukherjee, R., Onel, M., Beykal, B., Szafran, A. T., Stossi, F., Mancini, M. A., ... Pistikopoulos, E. N. (2019). Development of the Texas A&M Superfund Research Program Computational Platform for Data Integration, Visualization, and Analysis.. 20TH EUROPEAN SYMPOSIUM ON COMPUTER AIDED PROCESS ENGINEERING. 29th European Symposium on Computer Aided Process Engineering. 967-972. Elsevier.
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  • (2018). Optimal Chemical Grouping and Sorbent Material Design by Data Analysis, Modeling and Dimensionality Reduction Techniques.. 20TH EUROPEAN SYMPOSIUM ON COMPUTER AIDED PROCESS ENGINEERING. 28th European Symposium on Computer Aided Process Engineering. 421-426. Elsevier.
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Conference Papers3
  • Martinez, J. G., Liang, F., Zhou, L., & Carroll, R. J (2015). Longitudinal functional principal component modeling via Stochastic Approximation Monte Carlo.. Can J Stat. 38(2), 256-270.
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  • Assaad, H., Yao, K., Bazer, F. W., Zhou, L., Carroll, R. J., Meininger, C. J., & Wu, G (2013). Analysis of energy expenditure in diet-induced obese rats with abnormal metabolism of amino acids. AMINO ACIDS. 45(3), 597-597.
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