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Choobineh, Joobin individual record
Associate Professor

My research areas include information systems security, data modeling, electronic commerce, integration of data and mathematical models, and creation of intelligent systems to solve organizational problems.

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Academic Articles25
Conference Papers20
  • Choobineh, J. (2013). An information security model and its validation. 1, 391-400.
  • Choobineh, J., Anderson, E. E., & Grimaila, M. R. (2012). Measuring impact on missions and processes: Assessment of cyber breaches. Proceedings of the Annual Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences. 3307-3316.
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  • Anderson, E., Choobineh, J., Fazen, M., & Grimaila, M. (2011). Mission Impact: Role of Protection of Information Systems. 1-15.
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  • Choobineh, J., Anderson, E. E., & Grimaila, M. R. (2010). Security Management Life Cycle (SMLC): A Comparative Study.. 406-406.
  • Choobineh, J., Anderson, E., & Grimaila, M. R. (2010). Security management life cycle (SMLC): A comparative study. 2, 972-982.
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Texas A&M University; Dept Of Information & Operations Management; 4217 TAMU
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