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My expertise includes different aspects of hydrodynamics and functional characterizations of the contractile patterns of lymphatic networks from multiple anatomical regions and species both in vitro and in vivo as well as the molecular regulation of stretch- and shear-dependent adaptive reactions of contracting lymphatic vessels. Currently, a major focus of our research relates to the mechanisms of age-related alterations in lymphatic pumping and in interactions between lymph vessels and surrounding tissue microenvironment for which he is currently supported by a NIH NIA R01 grant.

selected publications
Academic Articles70
  • Gashev, A. A., & Chatterjee, V. (2013). Aging and lymphatic contractility: Current status. Immunology of the Lymphatic System. (pp. 81-120). Springer New York.
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  • Gashev, A. A., Thangaswamy, S., & Chatterjee, V. (2012). Lymphatic contractility and oxidative stress. Systems Biology of Free Radicals and Antioxidants. (pp. 2069-2082). Springer Berlin Heidelberg.
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  • Zawieja, D. C., von der Weid, P. Y., & Gashev, A. A. (2008). Microlymphatic biology. Microcirculation. (pp. 125-158). Elsevier.
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Conference Papers6
  • Akl, T., Rahbar, E., Zawieja, D., Gashev, A., Moore, J., & Coté, G. (2010). Fast imaging system and algorithm for monitoring microlymphatics. MATHEMATICAL MODELING AND ESTIMATION TECHNIQUES IN COMPUTER VISION. 7572, 75720k-75720k-6.
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  • Rahbar, E., Jr, M., Zawieja, D. C., Gashev, A. A., Cote, G. L., & ASME, .. (2009). DEVELOPING COMPUTATIONAL FLOW MODELS FOR THE LYMPHATIC VASCULATURE. (PART A), 523-524.
  • Dixon, J. B., Cote, G., Gashev, A., Greiner, S., Moore, J., & Zawieja, D. (2006). Image correlation method for measuring flow and diameter changes in contracting mesenteric microlymphatics in situ. MATHEMATICAL MODELING AND ESTIMATION TECHNIQUES IN COMPUTER VISION. 6088, 60880w-60880w-4.
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  • Dixon, J. B., Cote, G. L., Gashev, A., Greiner, S. T., Zawieja, D. C., & Moore, J. E. (2005). Estimation of shear stress in contracting microlymphatic vessels. 2005, 1090-1091.
  • Dixon, J. B., Zawieja, D. C., Gashev, A. A., & Cote, G. L. (2005). Microlymphatic flow using fast video microscopy. MATHEMATICAL MODELING AND ESTIMATION TECHNIQUES IN COMPUTER VISION. 5701, 61-64.
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