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  • Belhadjin, A. (2010). From Politics to the Roman Noir. South Central Review. 27(1/2), 61-81.
  • Assouline, P. (2008). Beneath the Scarf of Jean Moulin. South Central Review. 25(2), 1-21.
  • Bruckner, P. (2008). The Crises of Patriotism. South Central Review. 25(3), 16-29.
  • Golsan, R. J., Larson, R., Golsan, R. J., & Larson, R. (2003). Introduction: The Politics of French Literary History. SubStance. 32(3), 3-5.
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  • Larson, R., Golsan, R. J., & Larson, R. (2003). Michel Leiris: Race, Poetry, Politics; Rereading the Mission Lucas. SubStance. 32(3), 133-145.
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  • Larson, R. E. (2010). Michel Leiris et l'esthétique de la race dans L'Afrique fantôme. Dambre, M., & Golsan, R. J. (Eds.), L'exception et la France contemporaine histoire, imaginaire, littérature. (pp. 117-128). Presses Sorbonne Nouvelle.
  • Larson, R. E. (1995). Looking and Learning: Gender, Image and Text and the Genealogy of the Textbook. Hurley, A., & Greenspan, K. (Eds.), So Rich a Tapestry The Sister Arts and Cultural Studies. (pp. 216-238). Bucknell University Press.
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