Zavala Garcia, Alicia (2016-05). Celestinas, Parcas y Diosas: Representaciones Artistico-Literarias de la Mujer Unidas por El Hilo. Doctoral Dissertation. | Thesis individual record

"Celestinas, parcas y diosas: representaciones art?stico-literarias de la mujer unidas por el hilo," studies iconography and literary works to analyze the relationship between women and thread throughout history. There are examples dating from Greek mythology and pre-Columbian goddesses up to the present in which women can be observed with thread in their hands. Thread is the framework of the research because of its symbolic value. Thread opens a window of interpretations and metaphors depending on the circumstances in which it is used. Furthermore, these symbolic connections are apparent in the unconscious metaphoric uses of verbs such as "spin" and "weave" to represent the linking together of thoughts and words into narrative patterns. One of the expressions most commonly used when talking about people who are in government is that "they pull the strings," implying by this that they have the power to move society at their will. In this sense, the thread is a metaphor of control and power that a few have over many.

The dissertation is based on an extensive reading of different areas such as anthropology, Greek mythology, indigenous studies and current literary works. The ultimate outcome creates a unique interdisciplinary perspective on women studies. The investigation demonstrates that the tasks resulting from manipulating yarn such as spinning and weaving have given women a sense of empowerment with which they have been able to express and denounce the abuses they have been victims of, and I also prove that what began as an imposition or occupation has become an asset as women have slowly learned to master these skills.

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