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My current research interests include macroeconomics, monetary economics, fiscal policy, Bayesian and time series econometrics.

selected publications
Academic Articles16
  • Alpanda, S., Granziera, E., & Zubairy, S. (2021). State dependence of monetary policy across business, credit and interest rate cycles. European Economic Review. 140, 103936-103936.
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  • Ma, E., & Zubairy, S. (2021). HOMEOWNERSHIP AND HOUSING TRANSITIONS: EXPLAINING THE DEMOGRAPHIC COMPOSITION. International Economic Review. 62(2), 599-638.
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  • Bi, H., & Zubairy, S. (2020). Public Pension Reforms and Fiscal Foresight: Narrative Evidence and Aggregate Implications. Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City Working Paper. (20),
  • ALPANDA, S., & ZUBAIRY, S. (2019). Household Debt Overhang and Transmission of Monetary Policy. Journal of Money, Credit and Banking. 51(5), 1265-1307.
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  • Jackson, L. E., Owyang, M. T., & Zubairy, S. (2018). Debt and stabilization policy: Evidence from a Euro Area FAVAR. Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control. 93, 67-91.
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