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  • Jansen, D. W., Liu, L., & Rettenmaier, A. J. (2021). Coronavirus economics: the impact of shutting down meatpacking plants. Applied Economics Letters. 28(15), 1264-1270.
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  • Dai, D., Jansen, D. W., & Liu, L. (2021). Inter-jurisdiction migration and the fiscal policies of local governments. Journal of Economics. 132(2), 133-164.
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  • Jansen, D. W., & Vacaflores, D. E. (2020). Remittances, Output, and Exchange Rate Regimes: Theory with an Application to Latin America. Southern Economic Journal. 86(3), 1170-1191.
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  • Jansen, D. W., & Zervou, A. (2017). The time varying effect of monetary policy on stock returns. Economics Letters. 160, 54-58.
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  • Gronberg, T. J., Jansen, D. W., & Taylor, L. L. (2017). Are Charters the Best Alternative? A Cost Frontier Analysis of Alternative Education Campuses in Texas. Southern Economic Journal. 83(3), 721-743.
  • Baye, M. R., & Jansen, D. W. (1995). Money, Banking, and Financial Markets An Economics Approach. Houghton Mifflin College Division.
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  • Jansen, D. W. (2013). Lucas, Jr., Robert E.. Cate, T. (Eds.), An Encyclopedia of Keynesian Economics, Second edition. 417-420. Edward Elgar Publishing.
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  • Bradley, M. D., & Jansen, D. W. (2011). Forecasting asset prices using nonlinear models. Advances in Economic Forecasting. 65-104.
  • Bradley, M. D., & Jansen, D. W. (2006). Should we teach an old economy dog new economy tricks? The role of a postal service in the new economy. The New Economy and Beyond: Past, Present and Future. 174-196.
  • Dickey, D. A., Jansen, D. W., & Thornton, D. L. (1994). A Primer on Cointegration with an Application to Money and Income. Rao, B. B. (Eds.), Cointegration. 9-45. Palgrave Macmillan UK.
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  • de Haan, L., Jansen, D. W., Koedijk, K., & de Vries, C. G. (1994). Safety First Portfolio Selection, Extreme Value Theory and Long Run Asset Risks. Galambos, J., Lechner, J., & Simiu, E. (Eds.), Extreme Value Theory and Applications. 471-487. Springer US.
Conference Papers2
  • Bradley, M. D., & Jansen, D. W. (2018). Nonlinear evidence on the existence of jobless recoveries. Studies in Nonlinear Dynamics & Econometrics. 22(1), 20160081-19.
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  • Wieringa, J. E., & Horvth, C. (2005). Computing level-impulse responses of log-specified VAR systems. International Journal of Forecasting. 21(2), 279-289.
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