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Academic Articles29
  • Oberhelman, S. M. (1995). Satire as Poetry and the Impossibility of Metathesis in Horaces Satires. Obbink, D. (Eds.), Philodemus and Poetry Poetic Theory and Practice in Lucretius, Philodemus and Horace. (pp. 233-254). Oxford University Press.
  • OBERHELMAN, S. M. (1990). THE HIPPOCRATIC CORPUS AND GREEK RELIGION. Clarke, B., & Aycock, W. M. (Eds.), The Body and the text comparative essays in literature and medicine. (pp. 141-160). Texas Tech Univ Pr.
  • Oberhelman, S. M. (1980). Greek and Roman Witches: Literary Conventions or Agrarian Fertility Priestesses?. Schroeder, F. (Eds.), 5000 Years of Popular Culture Popular Culture Before Printing. (pp. 136-153). Popular Press.