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  • Wang, H., Gould, B., Moorehead, M., Haddad, M., Couet, A., & Wolff, S. J (2022). In situ X-ray and thermal imaging of refractory high entropy alloying during laser directed deposition. Journal of Materials Processing Technology. 299, 117363-117363.
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  • Ghungrad, S., Gould, B., Soltanalian, M., Wolff, S. J., & Haghighi, A (2021). Model-based deep learning for additive manufacturing: New frontiers and applications. Manufacturing Letters. 29, 94-98.
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  • Gao, C., Wolff, S., & Wang, S (2021). Eco-friendly additive manufacturing of metals: Energy efficiency and life cycle analysis. Journal of Manufacturing Systems. 60, 459-472.
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  • Wolff, S. J., Wang, H., Gould, B., Parab, N., Wu, Z., Zhao, C., Greco, A., & Sun, T (2021). In situ X-ray imaging of pore formation mechanisms and dynamics in laser powder-blown directed energy deposition additive manufacturing. International Journal of Machine Tools and Manufacture. 166, 103743-103743.
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  • Wang, H., Gould, B., Parab, N., Zhao, C., Greco, A., Sun, T., & Wolff, S. J (2021). High-speed synchrotron X-ray imaging of directed energy deposition of titanium: effects of processing parameters on the formation of entrapped-gas pores. Procedia Manufacturing. 53, 148-154.
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